Chippewa Delta’s Garrett, UT II


November 22, 2007
Liver Roan Patched
Natural Ability - Prize 1 (112 pts., maximum) - 8 months of age
Along with four littermates earned a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award all on the same day at 8 mos. of age. All pups passed (3 with maximum scores) and the litter average was over 110 points.
Utility - Prize 2 (185 pts.) - 2 years, 9 mos.
Garrett's father (Cody) and mother (Delta) come from several generations of NAVHDA testing with consistently high test scores; together they have produced three additional Breeders Award litters that are full sibs to Garrett.
OFA hip evaluation: GOOD
Owners:Howard Meyer, Chippewa GSP

Garrett is an incredible hunting dog and stud dog.¬†According to his owner, Howard Meyer of Chippewa GSPs, “Garrett has very good self control and loves attention – no hesitation in coming when called or staying close when commanded. He responds very quickly to commands in the field and gladly retrieves shot birds to hand without hesitation. He had a very good second hunting season and has stood up fine to hunting as many as six days straight.”

He is the sire of 74 NA prized dogs to date, with 95% earning a PZI and one UT prized dog.