Chippewa Morgan’s Blue of Outlander, NA PZ I, UT PZ II


Liver White Patched and Ticked
NA Prize I
Owners:Bob and Cheryl Aguiar
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Blue is our one and only stud dog here at Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers. He loves to work and be trained. He is intelligent and the harder you push him to learn, the better he gets. SUPER high retrieve and bird drive that makes him a joy to work with.

He earned a Prize III in his first Utility test at 1 year 4 months with highest scores in everything but would not go on the resend in the duck search, in October, 2017 in New Mexico he earned a PZII going out on Steadiness…he is a spectacular dog, just too excited after 5 days in the truck. He sure found a lot of birds though! LOL! I am certain he will get that PZI next year, 2018. For now though, we are going hunting!!!

He is NOT available for stud at this time. When he is OFA cleared, in December of 2017, he will be available to approved females.