FC/AFC Red Oak’s Dez, SH


OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Good
OFA Eyes Certified Clear
OFA Cardio Normal

Owners:Andy Cooper

Dez is a VC Jacob vd Westwind, MH son out of a Sundance GSP bred female, Sundance Penny. Penny is, herself, a Jacob grand-daughter and a KS Kristan v Pottsiepen grand-daughter. Dez is owned by Andy Cooper, and is the sire of our P litter. Andy tells me that Dez is a very hard working dog, and that he also works for YOU to find you birds and hold them for the shot. He is a great retrieved on land and water. “Dez is my buddy at home and has a fun “goofy” personality. His temperament around other dogs is great. He has no dog aggression what so ever, and plays like a puppy.”