Outlander Heaven Can Wait

"Schultze (AKA PeeWee)"

May 22, 2007 - October 21, 2007
Liver Roan
Owners:Geoff Olsen of St. Paul, Minnesota

Sadly, PeeWee left this world on Sunday night, October 21, 2007. He was just 5 months old. He got sick Saturday night after he had a great day hunting with his new owner, Geoff Olsen of St. Paul, Minnesota. He was lethargic all day Sunday, but getting around and drinking water. He died peacefully that night. We believe he was poisoned by drinking water from a pond with blue-green algae toxins. He was not in pain. In his short life, he touched so many people it is hard to tell his story. Everyone that met him was compelled to name him, love him, and deeply respect his tenacity for life. Born the runt of the litter, he never complained or caused anyone any trouble. He went everywhere with me for 2 months as I trained his mother for the Invitational. He even went to the Invitational. He walked many fields, cut through swamps and travelled through 8 states, staying in several. He was happy as long as he was with me and in my truck or with me in a hotel room. In his last 3 weeks, he kind of bounced to three homes. All of those people were touched profoundly by his love and trust. He lived a very full life in 5 months. He had found a wonderful owner that would have loved him for the rest of his life…that just turned out to be a very short time. His spirit came home that night.

Hey PeeWee, I will see you again. Love, Mom