Outlander Izzy of Counterpoint, UT PZ I


February 10, 2008
Liver Roan
Owners:Ken Wrobel (and Lucas) Pawling, NY

From Ken: My son Lucas has become so attached to her. It’s very cute; he will sit and talk or watch TV with her forever. He told me the other day that he taught her to fetch and they were going to work on sit next. I didn’t say anything but thought it was silly at first, her being force broke and all. Then after watching them together, I realized that she would not take commands from the kids. So through patience and treats he is training her his way.

Duck hunting a beaver swamp with Izzy and two friends yesterday. We knock down a few and she retrieves them no issue. A group of three comes in and we get them all, two in close one about 75 yds across the water. Izzy gets the first two and then using a rock, I steer her across the pond and she starts a search. A good 5 minutes passes and I don’t hear or see her so I call her, NG. I walked the opposite bank and see her on point with just her head and a little of her back sticking out of the water right where duck went down facing some weeds . I tell her “fetch in up” and she dives in and to my surprise a cock pheasant flushes hits some weeds and then splashes into the water. Izzy delivers a perfectly healthy bird. I am standing up to my chest in water with duck calls and a live pheasant. My friends had no idea what happened and thought I shot a pheasant. Good laugh was had when I let it go and it took off.