Outlanders Alas Kan Bear, UT PZ I


July 30, 2010
Liver Roan
Owners:Bob and Cheryl Aguiar

Kodi died tragically at 4 years of age. He had just finished his Utility Prize I 4 months earlier. He died doing what he loved best…chasing a rabbit. Kodi never had a bad moment and for Kodi, each moment was a new one. He was special right from the beginning. At 8 weeks, he struck out across a pond after his mother…and I mean, across a pond. At 3 months… South Dakota for 5 days…Where we were the birds were spooky as it was still so warm out. We (Bob, Cheryl, Flicker and Kodi) were working a fence line between winter wheat and cut corn…Flicker pointed 3 hens…on the third one, so did Kodi…the fourth bird, he was ahead of mom and slammed on point, mom backed, and this rooster came up. Bob shot it and Flicker retrieved it (with help from Kodi).
In Kansas at 5 months, Bob, hit a rooster with a dud shell and it went down running with no dogs around. We could not find it. We were putting things in the truck when we seen it running down the road behind us and into a wheat field (old gray wheat). We let the three big dogs out and they could not find it. We had put them out downwind of it accidentally. So after about 30 minutes they were exhausted and I put them up. We started driving away when we saw a blood spot in the road and feathers. So I let Kodi out, put his nose on the blood and didn’t say anything. He put his nose down and started trotting down this hard packed road. He went about 40 yards and then into the wheat. He went about 40 more and locked up. He then jumped in, grabbed the rooster, which spurred him hard, and got away again. Kodi was on it instantly, grabbed it, killed it, and brought it right to us.

Kodi was an amazing hunting dog. If there was a bird in the field, he would find it. He was like a windshield wiper in front of you. You never ever had to call or look for Kodi, he was always hunting FOR you. His retrieves were straight to you, head up, presenting the bird with no keep away. Brave, loved his girls, loved us. Loved every minute of his life. That was my lesson from Kodi…LIVE every moment. He did.
He was the consummate fur dog. He killed many raccoon, a few feral cats, squirrels, rabbits…and a porcupine. Yes, he killed it. It took two veterinarians 3 hours to pull all of the quills. I think about him everyday and miss him everyday. He left a huge hole in our lives. Miss you my big boy.