Outlanders Jade of Echo Hill


September 12, 2008
Black Roan
Owners:Blake Boyer and Family Cedar Rapids, Iowa

From Blake: Jade, She is my sweetheart, very quick and agile on her feet she was the easiest dog I have ever trained (or should I say never trained) I would take a whole kennel full of dogs like Jade. She looks just like her mother. The most natural dog I have ever had also, you name it she was a natural at it point, retrieve, even honoring I did not have to work on any of these things with her. Just took her hunting with the older dogs and she ran right with them after the first couple of days. In fact she steady on her points till I release her never even worked on this, this is just her. She is an amazing dog. She has this ability to find birds off the beaten path we will be hunting and Jade will be on point 40 yards over to our right its like she has this beacon nose to find these wary birds. In fact just last week I was out with group of hunters just about to finish up walking back to the truck and Jade was not with us. I beep her collar to locate her and sure enough she was on point about 100 yards behind us. The group of hunters I had that day were amazed by this that she held her point that long and never flinched. It did result in there final bird for that day and a memory they will talk about forever..