Outlanders Kold Hollow Creek


July 30, 2010
Liver Roan
Owners:Tom and Stephanie Gordon Sandy, UT

From Tom (Creek at 4 months) While doing a great job for such youngster in the field. I took Creek out on his second Chukar hunting trip Friday the day after turkey. I watched him @ a distance of about 50yds point and then bust two big coveys. He played some grabass with some singles, doubles and what have you. Then he settled down and started pointing and holding the birds long enough for me to flush the birds while providing some decent shooting opportunities. Remarkably in the end we took a limit of Chuks but the last bird of the day could of been the only bird of the day and I would of been thrilled with his performance. A single that he held while I slowly made my way to him across a steep, snow covered slope. When I arrived he was lookin straight at me with his game face on so I knew he had something, I started looking in the adjacent brush when a single came out, I shot and winged it. It hit the canvas and was off running with Creek there to chase it down. He’s been a riot with goofball personality. He sleeps at my feet while I type this.