P Litter


Outlander “P” Litter – 8 Puppies born April 16, 2017 (All sold)   This breeding of Outlanders Made of Honor (Matey) our Honor daughter was her second breeding. After this litter, Matey will be (FINALLY!) preparing for her NAVHDA Utility in 2017-18. She… (READ MORE)

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O Litter


Outlander “O” Litter – Born August 11, 2016 All puppies are sold. This was a planned first time breeding of our Outlanders Made of Honor (Matey) our Honor daughter. She has been sort of neglected on the training and testing front… (READ MORE)

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N Litter


This is our second breeding of Intl. Ch. Outlanders Crystal Image, UTPZI – “Honor.” We decided to breed Honor to No-Mars Mack Vom Hauss, UT PZI, MH. “Mack“ is line bred on VC Enzo vom Ludwigstein, MH (sire of our F litter)…. (READ MORE)


M Litter


This was our first breeding of Outlanders Crystal Image-Honor. We planned these pups to be highly trainable with high bird and water drive. Both Honor and Cooper come from long lines of foot hunting NAVHDA tested and bred dogs. Both… (READ MORE)


L Litter


This is a repeat breeding of the “K” litter. It is also Flicker’s last litter. Flicker and Rip’s last litter was absolutely the most “natural” puppies I have ever seen. These were end of July puppies that I assumed would… (READ MORE)


K Litter


This was an incredible breeding. So good, I repeated it.


J Litter


When you own a female who earns the coveted NAVHDA Versatile Champion Title by the age of four as Flicker did, you tend to be picky about who you will breed to. It seems hard to find a sire “good… (READ MORE)


H Litter


This is called “team-work.” Grandma Mazzy got FULL milk when the pups were 2 weeks old. These are the fattest and healthiest pups I had ever had. Why not? They’d finish up at one “table” and go to the next.


G Litter


We are very proud of this litter. This was a linebreeding and the puppies were very consistent in type, mind, ability, desire, drive and cooperation. Again, Mazzy’s prepotent genetic disposition was clearly stamped. Only two of the puppies was not… (READ MORE)


F Litter


  As is typical for Mazzy, this was a fantastic litter. The above picture shows three of the girls (Ruby, Tar and Flicker) steady to the flush and backing naturally at 8 months old. Bryan Lingo (Ruby’s owner) flushing a… (READ MORE)