H Litter - May 22, 2007

This breeding/litter produced a
NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder’s Award!

This is called “team-work.” Grandma Mazzy got FULL milk when the pups were 2 weeks old. These are the fattest and healthiest pups I had ever had. Why not? They’d finish up at one “table” and go to the next.


The Litter - 10 total: males, females

Outlander Heaven Can Wait

Owner(s): Geoff Olsen of St. Paul, Minnesota

Sadly, PeeWee left this world on Sunday night, October 21, 2007. He was just 5 months old. He got sick Saturday night after he had a great day hunting with his new owner, Geoff Olsen of St. Paul, Minnesota. He… (READ MORE)


Outlander Honoree, NA PZ II

Owner(s): Robert Deery, Reno, Nevada

From Bob: “We just finished California’s pheasant opening and Ruby hunted hard both days. (She never stops hunting like most pups) She hunted in heavy white-top and climbed over or under the cattails. I watched her track three different pheasants… (READ MORE)