J Litter - September 12, 2008

When you own a female who earns the coveted NAVHDA Versatile Champion Title by the age of four as Flicker did, you tend to be picky about who you will breed to. It seems hard to find a sire “good enough.” Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers found a worthy breeding partner in Briarwoods Ace (Bob).

Bob and Flicker trained together for the 2007 NAVHDA Invitational…both dogs achieved the coveted Versatile Champion Title. After our season of training, it was clear that a breeding between Flicker and Bob would produce an outstanding litter of German Shorthair puppies—pups with incredible noses, high desire, wild bird savvy, unquestionable cooperation, style, and solid conformation.

Flicker is the daughter of two Versatile Champions. She has always shown incredible natural ability in all aspects of the versatile hunting dog. She was a natural pointer, backer, retriever and water dog. She has an incredible nose that has found game from great distances and brought back wounded game for her owner who is not the best shot in the world. When she ran in the Invitational in 2007, she had ten 4-month old puppies…and she still obtained her VC owner handled and trained. She holds a tight point and knows how hard to push a running bird so the game can be brought to the gun. Flicker is a stable, calm, level-headed dog that is tough and high drive. She is an extreme “predator” with a high prey drive. Flicker’s first litter is the recipient of a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder’s Award.

Bob is a second generation Versatile Champion and is from a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award Litter. Even more importantly, he is an intelligent gun dog who is an absolute pleasure to hunt with. From his first hunting season at 5 months of age to now, he has effortlessly pointed and retrieved his limits of upland game. Bob shows incredible intelligence and consistency in finding and handling wild birds. He has a stellar nose, high bird desire, a love of water/ducks, and determined tracker of wounded game as his owner, Ken Horner, is a horrible shot. In addition to being a great hunting companion, Bob is an ideal NAVHDA dog. He came with no glitches, accepted training beautifully, and has achieved perfect scores in all levels of testing (NA, UT, and VC)—all accomplished with owner training and handling.

At Outlander Kennels, we do not settle for only the sire to be proven. In our breedings, we ensure that both parents are proven hunting dogs with TOP working titles. Working titles mean that dogs are highly trainable and consistent. Whether living in your home or hunting in the field, your dog must be trainable. Both Flicker and Bob come from long lines of NAVHDA Utility, German KS and AKC Field dogs. Though this breeding is an outcross, both dogs have many identical, outstanding ancestors. Crossing on these ancestors allows us to expect a consistent type. These puppies will be extremely trainable with high bird drive and wild bird savvy.

If you want the hunting dog of a lifetime; a dog to build your foundation lines on; or, a dog that will compete with the best out there….these are the dogs that will be all of these things. We know that hunting season and the testing years are only part of the time we will spend with our dogs. These puppies will be calm, quiet, and a joy to live with the rest of the time. They will be 100% safe with children and other dogs. Neither Flicker or Bob have ever met a stranger, as the saying goes. All Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers come with a Contract and Bill of Sale.


The Litter - 7 total: 2 males, 5 females

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