L Litter - March 22, 2011

This is a repeat breeding of the “K” litter. It is also Flicker’s last litter. Flicker and Rip’s last litter was absolutely the most “natural” puppies I have ever seen. These were end of July puppies that I assumed would be taken with on hunting trips but probably be a little too young to hunt. I was wrong. Several of the pups whose owners took them out this year were in for a surprise. These pups swam for ducks, carried geese, successfully hunted chukars in the mountains of Utah and the elusive wild Pheasant on public land in Colorado, South Dakota, and Kansas. The puppy we kept was tracking wounded roosters, fetching ducks in icy water, searching heavy cover all day, pointing, retrieving, and working in fields with several dogs and hunters pushing crop…at 5 months. No one even knew he was a pup. He was as efficient as the adults and better than some. He was not the exception in that litter either. Check them out on the “K” litter page and read about their adventures…all before 6 months old.

Again, BOTH Sire and Dam of this litter have proven themselves to be the top of the top- NAVHDA Versatile Champions.

As I believe, and it is a fact, that the resulting puppy from a breeding gets 50/50 from each of her parents’ gene pool…. we demand that both the sire and dam should be tested TOP performance animals to be in the breeding pool at Outlander.

Both Rip and Flicker come from long lines of NAVHDA Utility, German KS and AKC proven hunting and field dogs. We expect these puppies to excel in both the field and water. Rip and Flicker are both tireless field dogs with intensity and style on both point and honor that is second to none. Flicker has produced three great litters already with several puppies NAVHDA Prize I dogs. The first litter is a NAVHDA NA Breeder’s award litter. Rip has two litters now, both litters have a NAVHDA NA Breeder’s award


The Litter - 9 total: 5 males, 4 females

Outlanders Mein Leibling Tuck

Owner(s): Sarah and K. Scott Mathews

Hello, Cheryl!  This is Sarah Mathews in Mission Hills, Kansas.  We adopted Luke from your L Litter several years ago.  I cannot begin to tell you how much we LOVE him.  We’ve name him Mein Liebling Outlander Tuck (translate: my… (READ MORE)