Summer 2017 Litter- Born July 22, 2017 - July 22, 2017

Puppies ARE HERE!!!! 

This is an exciting first litter for our Blackridge’s Lil’ Dynamite “Dyna.” She was bred to Herbst Briese Falk “Gus” and puppies arrived July 22, 2017. We had 3 girls and 1 boy. All healthy and thriving. These puppies should have excellent bone, average size (NOT small or too large) and excellent genetics to live long and strong lives in the field and as a companion. They should have a strong point, cooperative and intelligent search, water love, and excellent nose. We expect these puppies to be highly trainable with natural old style German Shorthaired Pointer hunting abilities. Meaning, dogs that will hunt for YOU in both the field and water and can be easily trained. They should instinctively change their search to hunt close in the grouse woods to bigger running in the open prairie and fields.

Blackridge’s Lil’ Dynamite, Dyna, is solid liver in color with a large white patch on her chest. Her liver color is so dark many people ask if she is a black dog. She is a big boned, tall female weighing 56 pounds at  2 years old. She is a medium range dog in the field and a sweetheart in the house. She will hunt all day without showing any signs of being tired, and is a natural backer and retriever. Dyna’s  parents are both NAVHDA Versatile Champions (VC) and AKC Master Hunters(MH) with a pedigree that includes many VC’s, KS Titles, Utility dogs,  and AKC Master Hunters.

Herbst Briese Falk, Gus, is hunted 30 to 40 days a year and his owner states that he is hands down the best German Shorthair he has ever owned and hunted over. His range is medium to large in the fields, yet will close it up in the grouse woods. He is striking in color with a white coat patched and ticked in black. He is 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs around 60 pounds. He is a fantastic house dog as well, loved and admired by his owner. Gus is out of a long line of NAVHDA VC and AKC Master Hunters. His parents are half brother/sister with both of their sires being the great VC Sharp Shooters Hot Rod, MH…a dog with NO quit in him. He can be found on the Sharp Shooter Kennel web site under Influential Dogs.


The Litter - 4 total: 1 males, 3 females