Welcome to a whole new way to train your dog!


GOAL: To provide a high quality educational site for all dog enthusiasts and dog sports.

I started this business for a couple reasons: (1) I always felt that new people in NAVHDA needed more help then they would get at training days and (2) not everyone lives close enough to someone that could help them get their dog ready for a NAVHDA test.

Click here to get to the main site.

From the main site, go to “Online Course” “For the Enthusiast” and then browse by interest area…”Hunting” for example.

Just imagine – being able to take a variety of dog training classes online! Like a seminar that you get to go to week after week. Learn from NAVHDA professionals…even learn from other hunting dog professionals different methods to steady a dog or do a retrieve.

No where else will you find NAVHDA courses and help available outside of training days, seminars or sending your dog to a professional.

Other courses also help keep your dog active and in shape such as: Nutrition courses; Pet First Aid; Fitness; Therapy Dogs; etc.

How do you train a dog online? Easy! You buy books and videos, right? You take your puppy or dog to a class, right? This is similar, only better. You have the WORLD of dog sports at your fingertips, wherever you live, and the instructor helps you with your dog as you progress through training. Its like you and your dog going to a professional trainer on a weekly basis.

Does it work? Will I really be able to train my dog online? Absolutely!

Because you and your dog are unique, you’ll receive personal advice and support from your instructor as you apply what you’ve learned with your own dog. Dog breeders and pet owners will benefit from the expert professional dog trainers