Outlanders Made of Honor, NA PZ III


April 10, 2013
Liver Roan
OFA Good
UT (to be tested 2016)
Owners:Cheryl Aguiar
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Matey is a natural retriever and was a joy to train in everything. For her, it is “show me” and you have it 100%. . Actually, she is one of the easiest dogs I have ever trained. Matey seems to pick up on what you want and then just does it.  Her first year hunting in Montana was incredible. She was a natural in backing so running in a field with several dogs she did not know was a joy for all of us. Her first year duck hunting on the Bighorn River was also great. Though she was not sent on any geese, she made several marks in the 2 foot snow that we would never have found the goose.

Matey is a very quiet and unobtrusive dog in the house. But in the field, she is a confident, driven, cooperative bird finding machine. She is also one of those dogs that never gives up on a downed bird. Our last hunt of 2015 she tracked a pheasant for over 20 minutes….seriously. The bird went through a thicket, across a field, across a narrow creek, and into winter cattails over 100 feet thick. Matey came back with the bird and pushed it onto my legs. Her retrieve is never finished in her mind until she is sitting right and tight in front of me. This strong drive and desire to find birds and work with you is her forte.

We will be testing Matey in 2016 in NAVHDA Utility. She will also have her first litter in 2016 and will be bred to VC Garbonitas Augustine Edelweiss, MH (Augie).