HonorGeese2015Welcome to Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers.

At Outlander German Shorthaired Pointers, the goal is to produce a German Shorthaired Pointer that is cooperative with a high desire and a high drive. Outlander GSP’s are all NAVHDA tested. Please enjoy the website and pictures of the dogs. I am a small breeder with excellent quality if you are looking for both a great hunting dog and a competitive NAVHDA and AKC Hunt Test dog. I train and test my dogs in NAVHDA and hunt them extensively in the west. We strive to breed a dog that anyone can take into the field and have the “best hunting partner of their life.” We also breed for a dog that can be owner handled and trained to compete in bird dog tests such as AKC, NAVHDA or NSTRA among others.

At Outlander, one should be able to “reach into the whelping box and pull out a great puppy with their eyes shut.” These are quiet dogsIMG_4020 (1) in the home and fired up hunting machines in the field. All pups naturally point, honor and retrieve. All pups also take well to training (biddability) and have excellent work ethics.

At Outlander, the emphasis is on “versatile.” We fully guarantee our puppies and socialize them strongly with people, the field, water, and birds.

Our breeding program is based on the great bitch VC Indian Brook’s Espresso, MH: “Mazzy.” Genetically, Mazzy was a line-bred Hustler grand-daughter possessing and passing on the phenotype of the Wildburg dogs. As such, she is a high drive, biddable and cooperative bird dog with every fiber of her being and has had the great gift of being able to pass this on consistently.

duckhunt2010Flicker1Outlander Brags!!!

Versatile Champions:

VC Outlander Git R Done, MH
VC Indian Brook Frappucino ((Breeder: Outlander, Cheryl Asmus)
VC Indian Brook Frappucino, UT and Invitational Breeders Award recipient “K” litter (Breeder: Outlander, Cheryl Asmus)
VC Outlanders Keep One Eye Open, MH
VC Outlanders SIr Knight Stryder

Utility Prize Dogs:

Indian Brook Franjenna’s Storm, UT PZI (Breeder: Outlander, Cheryl Asmus)
Indian Brook Frisco, UT PZI  (Breeder: Outlander, Cheryl Asmus)
Indian Brook Fantom vom Enzo, UT PZ I (Breeder: Outlander, Cheryl Asmus)
Outlander I Dream of Genie, UT PZ I
Outlanders Gracie of Chippewa, UT PZ I
Outlanders Desert Ideals, UT PZII
Outlanders Crystal Image, UT PZI
Outlanders Izzy of Counterpoint, UT PZ I
Outlanders Jumpin Jack Flash, UT PZI
Outlanders Alas Kan Bear, UT PZI
Outlanders Know it All,  UT PZ I

I also am the owner and founder of E-Training For Dogs, Inc. The ONLY online source of hunting dog seminars/classes offering professional guidance in helping you train your own dog to succeed in hunt tests, field trials, NSTRA or NAVHDA. Many other fun courses area also available. Check it out!